by Space Thief

(free) 03:13


It was a shadowy evening on the shady moon of Centuri IV when a dark, weathered figure in a space suit entered the saloon. He had a swagger that might have started from a limp, another grim reminder of his many adventures. Raising his cold-fusion particle eliminator pistol he announced, "All your space are belong to us...also I'll take whatever's in the register."


released April 20, 2010

Music performed by Ben Ickler, Buddy Hachar, Stephen Flusche, and Graham Low.

Songs written by Ben Ickler.

Recorded and mixed by Ben Blank in Austin, TX.


all rights reserved



Space Thief Salt Lake City, Utah

When the genre police visited the space thief in his iron cell, they found they could not commit a name to his crime, and were crippled litigiously by his whimsy.

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Track Name: The Mirror That Reflects One's Soul
look deep into your eyes
at the secrets that you hide
all the demons held inside
all the pain
don't cut yourself on your reflection
it will cut your soul if you're not careful

careening through the ostrich nebula
head into a black hole
there upon the threshold of oblivion
lies the mirror that reflects one's soul
but when I look into my eyes
it just breaks my heart

every memory ignites
every secret held to light
all the demons come to life
all the rage
i cut my soul on the reflection
of sharpened images thought faded
Track Name: Bloom
it's not so easy once said and done
to accept that it's over
what was once so promising
now a fading memory
it's over

indecision and restlessness
overturning hopelessness
as all the flowers gestating
beneath the surface
begin to bloom

it's not so easy to overcome
wasted potential just face it it's over
what was once so promising
life is over it's over
it's over

all the flowers come to bloom
and they open up your eyes
the undefinable mystical mysteries
beneath the surface
now unraveled
begin to bloom
Track Name: Past
I was wasting my life
watching all my dreams go by
I was wasting away when I met you
and you broke my heart
said I'd never make my dreams come true
and you broke my heart when you left me

but don't look away when I touch the sky
(are you looking now?)
for you I will steal every single star
and you'll wonder how

I was wasting my time
thinking of ways to impress you
when it was already time to move on
and I'm moving on
and I'm moving on
and I'm moving on
and I'm moving on

but don't look away when I touch the sky
(are you looking now?)
for you I will steal every single star
and you'll wonder how
you passed me by
Track Name: Marooned Inside Your Heart
I was marooned, and losing time
three big moons held the sky
no oxygen in the air
reserve tanks running dry
do I venture on in search of life?
or do I play it safe here?
either way I die

you descended from the sky
and by the sparkles that sparkled in your eyes
I knew you saw what I was thinking
and your smile didn't mind

all of the years that had gone by
before you arrived
had stripped away my precious life
you wrapped yourself around me
and held me tight

three big moons held the sky
and by the sparkles that sparkled in your eyes
there was just one perfect night
and then I died right in your arms

it was too soon
you were too late
Track Name: Tanks
tanks for all the wars
tanks for everything
tanks for nothing
tanks for shooting me down
when I get up way too high and I get to thinking
there's just so much peace going around
but I must insist
that the bombs are getting way too loud
I can feel them hit the ground
long before they're ever launched
I want to give a million tanks
to all the dictators and warmongers, fascists, and terrorists
I'd tank you personally
but you've got so many more tanks than me
tank you very much
tanks for sharing all the love and peace and democracy
Track Name: Su-Su-Suicide
she was a flight risk from Mars
queen of all the fading stars
a burnt-out goddess of quasars
shining no brighter than the ember on her cigarette

it was like watching a plane crash up close
intimate thoughts flashed through her eyes
she was the dying girl that never died
I watched her when she came back to life

why are all these people waiting for the world to end
burning all the cities
tearing out their children's minds
it's not Armageddon
it's a suicide for all mankind

all the broken gods and goddesses
pouring out their creativity
we could have ruled the world once
now we just watch it burn
and write a dirge
and light cigarettes in the flames
burn down the whole damn universe
Track Name: On the Other Side
I must have dozed off at the controls
and steered right into a black hole
and it tore our molecules apart
there was no pain
it was more of a total awakening
of every part of me
"is this what death is really like?"
I wondered as I died

and we were one with everything
our minds combined
no thoughts unheard
playing backwards and forward
we lost all meaning of time
and we saw everything that ever was
and ever could be
all at once


we came alive
on the other side
and I could see that you were thinking
you could see what I was thinking
and everything was still true
we flew away from a white hole
that had bleached our souls
with perfect harmony
and you're still a part of me
Track Name: The Galaxy is Yours
when the cold wind blows
frost upon your nose
look to the sky
I'll be thinking of you

and when the sun has baked
all your dreams away
just close your eyes
I'll be thinking of you

through all your woes
and your sagapos
and every misty-eyed triumph
and every tragic letdown
look to the stars
every night

the galaxy is yours
the galaxy is yours
every moonbeam and every shooting star
the galaxy is yours
the galaxy is yours
in a moment I would steal it all for you
Track Name: Escaped
the sun shines over my shoulder
and I'm out of the solar system
never looking back
stuck for over a century
trapped in a world that steals time
and never gives it back

you say "please stay"
but your eyes are lies
I can't escape
frozen, paralyzed

worlds shrink the porthole window
goodbye Neptune, goodbye Pluto
I'm never coming back

you say "please stay"
but your eyes are lies
I have escaped
beyond the skies

and I'm moving on

and I'll take my time
and I'll take my time
and I'll take my time back