That Old World Magic

by Space Thief

out of time, and out of line into the cold, dark sunset winter descends the winds are washing all the dirt away into the cold, dark sunset slow as it goes this won't be the last time that it falls on us that it buries us slow as it goes into the cold, dark sunset
when it's cold and the rain starts pouring down nothing can change its mind when that old world magic is nowhere to be found when the gold of the sun starts fading out nothing can make it bright when that old world magic is nowhere to be found but, oh, the future's so bright we can travel round the world inside our minds instantly even if we have to tear the world apart we will find another incantation to save it when that old world magic is nowhere to be found...
Anything 02:42
I started to unravel every time I heard your name tied myself together for the millionth time today I wanted you to tell me everything would be okay but you never wanted anything from me
they say there's no room for us, but maybe we can beat the odds, and maybe we can find paradise
the wind is rolling on through the crossroads whichever way it blows won't be coming back all the words unsaid everything undone moving one foot at a time don't look back it's a long way to go, still mustn't waste the time we've got wheels to burn we've got miles to turn better look alive that old brother time is always behind pushing along


released December 28, 2015


all rights reserved



Space Thief Salt Lake City, Utah

When the genre police visited the space thief in his iron cell, they found they could not commit a name to his crime, and were crippled litigiously by his whimsy.

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