Tomorrow's History

by Space Thief



Surrounded by robots... the time machine we stole is on the blink again... might have messed up prehistory a little... detectives closing in... almost out of fuel... sending keyboard jams...


released June 14, 2011

Written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Ben Ickler.


all rights reserved



Space Thief Salt Lake City, Utah

When the genre police visited the space thief in his iron cell, they found they could not commit a name to his crime, and were crippled litigiously by his whimsy.

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Track Name: Love is a Danger
I see it in your smile
are we lost?
I treat you so bad
are we lost?


every syllable's so venomous
are we lost?
you treat me so bad
are we lost?


love is a danger
Track Name: Brontosaurus Wrecks
don't you just fall apart
when the world is breaking your heart
and it's all coming together
to bring you down
don't you go falling apart
claw out of that early grave
scratch the epitaph you made
don't you make plans to die
make plans to live
Track Name: Wars for Batons (Marathon)
four billion years in the golden sun
ten billion rays that weigh a ton
behold your paradise is found
all of you are the chosen one

ten thousand years in this marathon
ten thousand wars to hold the baton
but you see when you cross the line
death is the prize that your life has won

and if one goes to hell then it's everyone
Track Name: In Flames
stole into my mind
a tiny flicker
saw the spark and tried to put it out
but my heart went up in flames

you gave me pain and ecstasy
you gave me joy and misery
until I couldn't see them apart
but I believed in love

felt it in my soul
strychnine on my tongue
devastated my lungs
but my heart went up in flames

you brought me to life was all I saw
and you're still in my dreams
and I still believe in love
Track Name: Last
hold me tight
until the light fades from me
hold me tight
until there's nothing left

if you knew that this would be
the last time
we were together
what would you say?

say goodnight
and let your dreams last forever
say goodnight
and let tomorrow come together

if you knew that this would be
the last time
we were together
would you still say